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Fledermäuse melken am Amazonas

Fledermäuse melken am Amazonas

In his book "Milking Bats on the Amazon" Robert Müntz recounts the thrilling and extraordinary adventures he experienced on his trips. Look forward to exciting stories told by a pharmacist who goes on a quest for rare substances for remedies in exotic regions.

The author vividly describes the culture and customs of the indigenous population as well as characteristic landscapes, animals and plants he was looking for or came across by accident.

For laymen as well as experts of homeopathy this book is of inestimable value because of its lovingly described remedies. Robert Müntz was supported by the French homeopath Patricia le Roux. The pediatrician and homeopath died in a tragic accident shortly before the book was finished - for all people who knew her and were close to her a most painful loss.

Hardcover, sewn binding, 280 pages, ISBN 978-3-200-02486-1

"Travel educates - especially journeys in places with other cultures, extreme climates, to unknown peoples. And this almost automatically leads to humorous, sometimes also dangerous adventures:

capsizing with our inflatable raft over a waterfall, fleeing on foot from crocodiles we were trying to catch, an airplane hi-jacking in the Andes, fishing for piranhas while barefoot in the Amazon, flying with a corpse in a four-seater airplane, the convivial chewing of a betel nut in Borneo, the trip by dugout canoe on the Tsiribihina in Madagascar, where our meal - a fish - jumped straight into our boat, and a journey on a banana steamer in Peru with amazing guests on board, such as the nun breastfeeding her baby.

This kind of travel requires true friendship and reciprocal trust between you and your travel partner as a basis for overcoming a variety of challenges, and also crucial is the ability to maintain a sense of humor, even in precarious situations. We both knew and understood this during all our adventures together."

~Manfred Völker, friend and traveling companion

Milking Bats on the Amazon – 60 New Remedies for Homeopathy“ – the exciting memories of expeditions undertaken by a pharmacist who spares no effort and no distance in order to look for rare remedies with endless scientific curiosity.

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