Our Korsakovian potenizer

The most common form of therapy in classical homeopathy uses potencies up to C200. Both acute and chronic illnesses can be treated by them. In the more difficult cases multiple high potencies far above C200 are necessary, which cannot however be prepared by hand as their manufactury would take too long.

In such cases, where higher potencies are needed our pneumatic muscle by FESTO can support our work. The central unit of the Korsakoff-equipment is the muscle MAS, which simulates the manual succushing. "Most important criteria for the development is to avoid electro-magnetic fields. To ensure effectiveness the potentizing procedure should be as quick as possible - therefore the pneumatic muscle solves the problem ideally" according to the designer.


our potentizer

Each contraction lasts for a qurter of a second, this means 250 beats per minute. It is essential during this potentizing process that an even keel of blows is brought into the fluid. It is obvious that such a process done by human hand there would be physical fatigue. The intensity of sucussion shows the energy that is release. A car crash with injuries has got an acceleration of 40g, to compare in manual laboratory potentizing 40 -80g would be reached. Our machine by comparison reaches 500g.


Pneumatic potentizing

Every step of mechanical movement is furthered by compressed air. Four bottles are grouped together to a unit, a pneumatic muscle creates a circular movement, the arm pivots up and down at 30 degrees. The end of this arm the bottles can be found in a receptacle, which is shaken 10 times against a stable base. During this stage of potentizing the content of the bottles is diluted step by step: After the automatic opening the bottles are overturned and about 99% of the content flows out. A hundredth is left on the inner surface of the bottle. Hereby the remaining drops are removed by vaccum suction. The remaining fluid is diluted by an injection of purified water ration 1:99. The pumping action is taken over by glass cylinders.


bottel filling

10 powerful strokes

Emptying the bottles


Human focus

Although the use of pneumatic power has proven itself to be efficient manpower is still the most effective way of potentizing according to REMEDIA owner Robert Müntz. "We are committed to manufactury, we only use machine power in justifiable cases as the human touch should not be missed in homeopathy"



Comparison between human - potentizing machine:





Speed of impact

50 g

500 g



140 days

6 days


Rx at the same time




Performance ratio