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Thanks, you are really provinding a great service, and your products are excellent. Thanks
L. B. from France

Excellent service with excellent products! I am very confident!
H. E. from Hungary

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Customer service

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Customer service

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Love your Website, really delighted to have been introduced to it! Add one more line in the address panel for registration please!
M. B. from Ireland

Your online shop and website are helpful and easy to use. Thank you so much for the service you offered!
J. B. from Spain

Its a great web site glad I found you.
K. C. from United Kingdom

I like that the ordering process is simple & efficient, & you have an outstanding range of products available. Alles Beste!!
E. S. from United Kingdom

I am very impressed by the ease with which I can order from you. I have also always been happy with your service. Thank you!
L. W. from USA

We love your products! Delivery is fast both in the EU and in the USA!
E. P. from USA

"Specify for smaller pill sizes. Thank you so much. I appreciate the fact that you have remedies that are not available anywhere else."
C. C. from USA

Great website - lots of available remedies
V. W. from USA

One of the best experiences in ordering. Thanks
A. P. from USA

Excellent website. Thank you!
K. C. from USA

it is awesome- i suggest a section of new remedies!
D. P. from USA

Thanks for your great service and remedies...!
S. F. from USA

I must say, that out of all the homeopathic pharmacies that I've ever ordered from, Remedia has been absolute best. And I just wanted to take a moment to explain why:

When Remedia box comes in the mail, I know it. How?

  1. The box is in perfect shape, all the vials are in a plastic suction tightened binding that prevents them from doing acrobatics while in shipment
  2. the tinted vials are made of thick glass that I know won't break if I was to drop it, or a child was to drop it for example
  3. vials come with a twist cap with anti-tamper protection, so you know which ones have been opened and used (just in case one forgot)
  4. pellets dilute fast and clean without any residue
  5. there's additional wrapping or some kind of cushion placed inside the box to protect the contents from bouncing around

This is the feedback that I wanted to share with you, and if you could please let the quality control department and shipping/packaging department know of this I think they would all appreciate it, because all their efforts are noticed and I don't want them to think that they are doing this for nothing. Trust me, customers know and see the quality right away, even though not everyone is going to take time out of their day to give you feedback. And I am very thankful to be Remedia's customer.

Nadezhda Alekseyeva
Burke, VA USA
N. A. from USA

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