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06 Cherry Plum

The fear that one is going to lose control of oneself and do something dreadful.

9.83 More
08 Chicory

Giving easily, but expecting too much in return. Clingy and codependent behavior.

9.83 More
09 Clematis

Little to no interest in the "real world", often drifting into daydreams.

9.83 More
11 Elm

Feeling overwhelmed and depressed, there is too much to do.

9.83 More
13 Gorse

A feeling of extreme hopelessness and despair, pessimism.

9.83 More
15 Holly

Feelings of jealousy, envy, revenge, suspicion.

9.83 More
17 Hornbeam

“Monday morning” feeling with a sense of staleness and lack of variety in life.

9.83 More
19 Larch

Feeling not as competent as others, expecting failure and often don’t bother trying.

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20 Mimulus

Tendency to be nervous, timid and shy. Remedy for known fears. 

9.83 More
22 Oak

Stubborn refusal to rest or sit back when exhaustion is obvious.

9.83 More
23 Olive

Exhaustion with no reserves of strength or energy.

9.83 More
24 Pine

Guilt and self-reproach, not necessarily based on any actual wrong-doing.

9.83 More
26 Rock Rose

A panicky, terrorstruck fear that makes conscious thought next to impossible.

9.83 More
28 Scleranthus

Indecisiveness, difficulties choosing an option or making decisions.

9.83 More
38 Willow

Feeling resentful and bitter about life. Self-pitying.

9.83 More
31 Vervain

Strong-willed and highly strung with a mind that races ahead of events.

9.83 More
32 Vine

Overly confident and tyrannical. Dominating by force alone.

9.83 More
Remedy Tubes

When you like to refill your personal remedy

Empty tube, capacity: 100-120 globules size 3

0.26 More
Practical for single doses of homoeopathic globules
2.58 More
The inexpensive storing device for your remedies
2.17 More
Loop Tablet
Loop tablets - the ideal solution for stacking and storing homoeopathic remedies in drawers or doctor's bags
13.00 More
Moss Kit

This moss kit contains 52 remedies in 1g-tubes and offers a solid basis for your homeopathic collection.

144.18 More
Therapist's Kit Remedia

This cost-efficient basic equipment for your practice contains 138 C3-triturated remedies in C30, C200, or 1MK.

382.64 More
Students' Kit by CvB

Acute and home remedy kit of the „Clemens von Bönninghausen – Akademie für Homöopathik“ (CvB)

160.82 More

Emergency-Globulini after Dr. Bach help you cope with stress and anxiety. Ideal for children.

9.95 More
Felt Bag for Glass Vials

Wool-felt case in apple green and light gray, suitable for glass vials (1.5 ml), with Velcro fastener and inlaid pouch.

10.75 More

Highly elastic loops for the ears

Comfortable fit, made for easy breathing

Suitable for sensitive skin

1.00 More