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Fairylike Mosses

Fairylike Mosses

Mosses have been a mostly uncharted territory in homeopathy for a long time. Older works mention Polytrichum juniperinum as the sole moss and even modern literature offers little to no information about the functions of this group of plants.

A few years ago Britta Dähnrich started research on mosses by doing pharmacological pictures of Polytrichum formosum and Brachythecium rutabulum. A few good cases where patients were helped by mosses also found their way into her studies. Gradually an image of mosses started to form, but the amount of different species and information about them was very lacking.

As it turns out mosses live in a strange world. Keep in mind that there are about 1500 genera and 15000 species. And only about 5 of them were used in in homeopathy...

190 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-90-7481-72-71

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