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Clemens von Bönninghausen Set 132 pcs

Clemens von Bönninghausen Set 132 pcs

In its more than 150 years of existence the Bönninghausen-method has proved to be very reliable and highly flexible in its applications. It bases on a specific, tried and tested, method of production developed by Clemens Maria v. Bönninghausen in cooperation with Samuel Hahnemann.

With both acute situations and chronical illnesses treatable with these remedies, the von Bönninghausen-method has become increasingly popular.

Our sets are compiled to provide interested homeopaths with easy access to the remedies described in von Bönninghausen's two major thesis books.

This set with 132 remedies is based on the repertory "Therapeutisches Taschenbuch" by Clemens von Bönninghausen. Due to its unique structure and consequently high success rate it is perceived as one of the most important homeopathic repertories.

This set includes 132 remedies mentioned in the repertory and complements the book perfectly.

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Remedies in this set:
Remedies Version A
98 Remedies
Version B
132 Remedies
Achillea millefolium C 30
Acidum arsenicosum C 30
C 30
Acidum hydrochloricum C 30
C 30
Acidum hydrofluoricum C 30
Acidum nitricum C 30
C 30
Acidum phosphoricum C 30
C 30
Acidum silicicum C 30
C 30
Acidum sulfuricum C 30
C 30
Aconitum napellus C 30
C 30
Aluminium oxydatum C 30
C 30
Amanita muscaria C 30
C 30
Ambra C 30
C 30
Ammonium carbonicum C 30
C 30
Ammonium chloratum C 30
C 30
Anamirta cocculus C 30
C 30
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