Terms of shipping

1. Address

Please always enter your full address (street name etc.). Consignments are not forwarded to PO boxes.


2. Shipping charges

We charge fees (incl. VAT) as listed below for packaging and shipping.

We do not admit liability for the consignment. Shipping duration is an estimation of the shipping company.


3. Minimum order

There is no minimum order. 


4. Right to exchange and right of redemption

You are entitled to exchange or return any article except for remedies within 10 days after delivery, with the exception of remedies and orders under 20.00 EUR. Goods have to be returned unused and in the original packaging. Please state the reason for complaint on the bill of delivery/invoice and enclose it. Please note that returns have to be prepaid sufficiently. If the packaging is damaged on delivery please immediately inform the delivery service and have the damage assessed on the spot. Only then we can compensate for the damage.


5. Right to revocation

You can revoke your contract in writing (e.g. letter, fax, email) or by returning the consignment within two weeks without stating any reasons. The period for revocation takes effect on reading this passage at the earliest. In order to observe the period for revocation it is sufficient to either let us have the revocation in writing or return the consignment. The revocation has to be addressed to: Salvator Apotheke, Mag.pharm. R. Müntz KG, Hauptstrasse 4, A-7000 Eisenstadt, Austria.