Set di Sali di Schussler in globuli

Set di Sali di Schussler in globuli

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Schüssler salt globule set with 12 remedies D12

The treatment with mineral salts goes back to the physician Dr. med. Heinrich Schüßler. 100 years ago he noticed that the application of mineral salts is an excellent treatment for several diseases.

  • set with 10 g globules D12 in snap top vials
  • carrier substance: sucrose, lactose-free
  • 10 g package = approx.500 globules
  • 5 globules equal 1 Schüssler tablet

The leather case contains 12 vials (10g).

The Schüssler salt globule set comprises:
Calcium fluoratum D12
Calcium phosphoricum D12
Ferrum phosphoricum D12
Kalium chloratum D12
Kalium phosphoricum D12
Kalium sulfuricum D12
Magnesium phosphoricum D12
Natrium chloratum D12
Natrium phosphoricum D12
Natrium sulfuricum D12
Silicea D12
Calcium sulfuricum D12

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