List of remedies

Our online-database with approx. 4900 remedies contains all homeopathic remedies in stock stating the available potencies and other details.


Our product range is continuously increasing with new remedies and potencies. Remedies, potencies and special preparations which are not listed can be prepared on request.

With the search (top left on the page) you can search a remedy in our database.

A list of all of our remedies from A-Z can be downloaded as PDF (5 MB) or in a zip-file (1 MB).

Available potencies

The lowest and highest available potencies for dilutions and globuli of D-, C-, LM- Korsakoff (K) and Fluxion potencies (FC) are listed in the tables. If the requested potency is not in stock, the next higher potency will be delivered. On special request higher potencies up to D200, C200, LM120, Q30, 50MK and FC100M can be prepared.

Higher potencies are available on request


We can send you a catalogue of our products. Send us a request and don't forget your address.