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Colofonia Galeazzi Modo III

Colofonia Galeazzi Modo III is a top-class violin rosin. The resin of the larch in combination with a historical recipe dating from the early 19th century makes this rosin a unique one for fine string instruments with historical gut strings.

Economical in use

Colofonia Galeazzi Modo III can be used for all string instruments. It should be used very sparingly. Best of all the rosin is applied to the bowhair after playing and not before since the "warm" hair permits a better hold of the rosin. Furthermore, unnecessary dust is avoided.

Dario Luisi – the researcher

His love of historical string instruments drives the Italian musician and university lecturer Dario Luisi to spend years trying to find the ultimate rosin. Finally, in the year of 2004 he seems ot have reached his goal. He is convinced that Francesco Galeazzi's treatise „Elementi teorico pratici di Musica" provides the perfect recipe for violin rosin.

Robert Müntz – the pharmacist

Only three years later he finds the right partner, a talented hobby-musician, instrument maker and pharmacist by the name of Robert Müntz.

Together the two musicians try to produce Galeazzi's rosin in a modern laboratory. However, some of the historical ingredients are no longer available.

Modo III

The solution is Modo III, a recipe using "Trementina Veneta". The resin of the larch and a unique cooking procedure produce the desired result. Colofonia Galeazzi Modo III – a rosin which is based on the original historical recipe down to the last detail.


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