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Fincke Writings

The Writings of Bernhardt Fincke, MD


  • Clinical Cases (veterinary with discussion) [1892]
  • Proving of X-Ray [1897]
  • Paracelcus and the Fluxion Process [1905]
  • Curantur or Curentur? [1896]
  • Clinical Cases [1896 and 1905]


Bradford's Bibliography (1892)

T. L. Bradford, in his Homoeopathic Bibliography, lists the following entries for Bernhardt Fincke:

1860. Homeopathic Notation. 20 pages. (Reprint from the AIH Proceedings)

1865. On High Potencies and Homeopathics: Clinical cases with observations. With an appendix containing Hahnemann's original views and rules on homeopathic dose, chronologically arranged. Philadelphia: A. J. Tafel, 131 pages.

1868. Concerning Fincke's High Potencies. How Prepared? Letter of Dr. A. R. Morgan to Dr. Fincke. (American Journal of Materia Medica, 1868)

1889. Homoeosis. 11 pages. (reprint from the Journal of Homoeopathics, 1889).

1889. Surgery and Homeopathy: A word of Explanation. by Dr. J. Leiser, in Rheydt. Translated for the Homeopathic Union by B. Fincke. MD. 4 pages (Reprint from the Journal of Homeopathics, 1889).

1889. In the "Journal of Homoeopathics," New York, Volume 1, No. 1, April 1889, a translation of the Organon from the 5th German Edition was commenced by Dr. B. Fincke. As the journal was discontinued, it was not completed.

The original manuscript of the Fincke translation of the Organon is at the Maesimund B. Panos Library at the National Center from Homeopathy in Alexandria, VA. A Xerox copy is in the Archives in Wellington.

The Index to the IHA Transactions lists 61 articles contributed by Fincke.


When T. L. Bradford was compiling his Homoeopathic Bibliography, he obviously wrote to Swan asking about his work, thinking to include it in the "pharmacy" section of the book. The reply from Swan is in Bradford's Scrapbooks at the Hahnemann Collection in Philadelphia, PA.

Nov. 21, 1889
Dear Doctor,
In answer to your kind enquiry, I am glad to correct a misapprehension on your part.
I do not keep a pharmacy. If I let the professionals and the people have my high potencies it is as a privilege, but I do not business as an apothecary.
B. Fincke