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Nosode Kit by Glueck

Instructions for the Nosode Kit of Dr. Walter Glück

What are Nosodes?

Nosodes are Homeopathic preparations whose raw material lie in pathological pathological agents and secretions of ill persons. However, above the Potency of C12, no trace of the original substance can be found. Only the previous information is left.


Usage of Nosodes

a) According to the Materia Medica information, eg Tuberkulin, most of the other Nosodes are not proven.
b) In case of corresponding infection
c) preventive in case of an epidemic.
d) During an illness where the symptoms are similar to those of the nosodes.


Dosage of Nosodes

Once 5 Globules of the C200



Principally, according to the recommendation of the general practitioner, usually in combination with remedies that best fit to the symptoms.


Diptheria, which has become most seldom. A sore throat, whose symtoms are similar to that of Diptheria, (tongue is coated white ), Phytolacca should be taken into consideration as a complimentary remedy.

Hepatitis A Nosodes
If you have Hepatitis, often used in combination with Chelidonium

Herpes Simplex Nosode
Blisters, often with Natrium Muriaticum

during measles

during mumps with Pulsatilla as a complementary remedy

during whooping cough, the appropriate remedy here could be Drosera

Pfeiffersche´s glandular fever
during morbus Pfeiffer and other feverish illnesses with swollen glands in the neck. Complementaries are Phytolacca and Mercury-salts

Rubella and similar skin rashes, Rhus tox would be a combination possibility

Salmonella TP nosode
during Salmonella infections and similar digestion problems, not neccessarily in combination with diarrhoea, usually nausea and undefined stomach pain. A valued remedy is Okoubaka.

during scarlet fever and similar feverish illnesses with sore throat and coated tongue, additionally Belladonna is helpful.

Tuberculinum Burnett
complimentary during Tuberculosis and similar illnesses. Coughing and general weakness, fever, sweating during the night and weight loss. Additionally Salvia and Oleum jecoris aselli can be recommended

Chickenpox or skindiseases with similar symptoms. Antimonium-salts here too can be helpful.