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Bach Flower

Bach flower principle

The bach flower principle was discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a famous Homeopathic doctor in 1930. His goal was to create a method of treating all mind matters in the simplest fashion using natural medicine, and making this available for everyman. This method was discovered purely accidently. Whilst visiting the surrounding countryside Dr Bach stayed in the vicinity of certain plants and trees to see if and how they influenced his mood. He found out that more than 38 plant species carry the necessary information within them to influence certain human archetypal emotional conditions.

As every condition has its positive and negative sides, each species can also manifest the capability to change the abnormal status that is associated with it. With painstaking accuracy he perfected the art of healing emotional conditions and feelings in disharmony, therefore leading the individual back to the state of a healthy emotional state, all this being done using only natural, handpicked flower and plant essences. To capture the natural effect and to make this healing process available to the general public, a new creative system of production was developed.

Through a coincidence he discovered that when he placed the gathered blossoms in a bowl of pure water, under the influence of direct sunlight their essence could be extracted. In some cases, especially during seasons with less sunlight, he developed a method of cooking the plant species which grew at this time of year. In both cases, the tinkture which resulted from these methods was conserved with brandy and then used to prepare the Batch Flower remedies.


Bach Flower Essences from Ainsworth

This Bach system is as alive today as it ever was. We at Ainsworth do our utmost to reproduce these essences as authentically as possible to the same criteria that Dr Bach would have used. To do this we search for uncultivated species that grow in the wild, pure spring water and sunlight are all we need to complete this process.

This concentration of the plant essence is conserved with brandy at a ratio of 1:240. This procedure matches the original instructions of Dr Bach, and makes them twice as strong as those that are manufactured by a 5x dilution method. We should be aware that although Dr Bach was a Homeopath, he clearly stated that Bach Flower essences were in no way homeopathic remedies.


How to choose the appropriate remedy

Choosing the correct remedy can be as easy or difficult as admitting ones state of mind. Please read the given instructions thoroughly when choosing one or more essences, that suit either yourself or your patient. The chosen description should come as close as possible to the negative condition of the patient at hand. Try and be as honest as possible when admitting your problem. Rather than being too strict, try and be understanding with yourself using your intuition rather than your intellect. Use the given description as a rough guideline rather than a rigid fact that has to be adhered to. Use them as a way of looking at negative behaviour patterns in a different more enlightened way, and to get new ideas how to heal these more effectively. As we are all individuals, there are various options for solving these problems if need be. Do not forget that no harm can come should you choose the wrong essence. If several essences seem to be necessary, these can be taken as a mixture.


How to take Bach Flower Essences

Dissolve 2 drops of the essence in a small glass of water. Drink the contents at regular intervals throughout the day until you feel some relief of the symptoms. If a longer lasting therapy is aimed for then prepare a bottle with 30ml of pure spring water mixed with 3 drops of the chosen essence and close the bottle with a pipette cap. Take 4 drops 4x daily or as prescribed, however, try not to combine more than 6 different essences at one time. All the dosages described are harmless for every member of the family as there are no known side effects for these remedies.


Rescue Drops

This special combination of 5 Batch Flower Essences are irreplaceable in times of crisis or panic situations where the symptoms can be shock, despair or acute panic. These drops consist of: Star of Bethlehem, for trauma and numbness, Rock Rose, for terror and panic, Impatiens for stress and bad temper, Cherry Plum to combat the fear of losing control and last but not least Clematis for the feeling of being detached from the situation and the danger of fainting. These Rescue Remedies should be taken in twice the strength of other medicines, this means 4 drops should be taken per portion or 6 drops in a 30ml bottle as described above. As Rescue Remedies should be taken as an adjuvant in all crisis situations you should always carry a bottle with you. Rescue remedy cream is for external use only by which the skin is cooled and refreshed.