Across the USA by Gyrocopter

In 2009 we from Remedia are planing a journey across the American Continent via Gyrocopter in search of new medicines!

08 Chris und Robert in Formation.jpg

Our goal is on one hand, to visit various botanical gardens, zoos and animal farms, to gather new and also forgotten remedies to incorporate in our homeopathic medicines, on the other hand, to cross this continent with two MT-03 Gyrocopters for the first time!  

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Watch the live GPS track on the map (problems?)

Day -1   Getting ready.
Day 0    Arrival in Boston.
Day 1    Assembling
Day 2    Boston on foot
Day 3    First flight
Day 4    Sunny and green
Day 5    Three states a day
Day 6    Flat earth
Day 7    On the other side of the Mississippi
Day 8    St. Louis and the arch

Day 9    St. Joe
Day 10  Iffy weather
Day 11  A lazy day in Salina
Day 12  Crossing Kansas
Day 13  High altitude elation
Day 14  Go west, young man
Day 15  Route 66 at Williams
Day 16  Grand Canyon
Day 17  Hot & Cold
Day 18  Tourists
Day 20  The final leg


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Interview 1
Interview 2
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