Imagine Homeopathy by Chris Kurz

Imagine Homeopathy by Chris Kurz

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In "Imagine Homeopathy" homeopath Chris Kurz offers a highly effective - and fun - approach to learning and retaining all of the important concepts of homeopathy.

Chris Kurz emphasizes the importance of true insight rather than rote memorization.

"Imagine Homeopathy" uses vivid analogies and informal language, experiments, metaphors and images.

Chris Kurz, an experienced teacher himself, places the patient at the center of the learning process, as in everyday practice.

"Imagine Homeopathy" is an invaluable guide for teachers, an introduction for novices and laypeople, and a provocative refresher for seasoned practitioners.

328 páginas, hb, ISBN 978-3131-3922-1-3


25,70 41,10

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