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Your are important, that’s why we are here for you!

Currently we produce a limited number of remedies.

The remedies and products listed below can now be ordered in our webshop.
Please note that other products cannot be ordered at the moment.

We ask for your understanding when delivery times are longer than normally. As soon as the circumstances improve we will continue normal production.

In case you may want to ask anything concerning the current situation of our company, don’t hesitate to contact Mag. Pharm Robert Münz personally by mail There is also the option talk to him on the phone, he is taking calls on +43 2682-62220-90 daily from 2 to 3pm (CET). You may also ask for a return call by sending an e-mail.

For new orders or questions on orders pls. refer directly to customer service as they cannot be dealt with when sending an email to Mr. Müntz personally. We regret that emails to this address might need more time for an answer than usually.

Kind regards,
Your Remedia-Team

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