Amazonas Mosquitospray

Amazonas Mosquitospray

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The reliable mosquito repellent - really helps and smells nice!

Amazon Mosquito Repellent was tested against several other products and was proven to be the most effective.

Developed for expeditions, tried and tested for use at home
Amazon Mosquito Repellent was developed 10 years ago for an Amazonas expedition. It has been widely used ever since and has been proven to work in the jungle and in your own garden.

Works against Mosquitos, Midges and Ticks
Amazon Mosquito Repellent was examined by Prof. Sickl, University Graz, Austria. Amazon Mosquito Repellent was proven to be effective against mosquitos, midges and ticks. The repellant also works for animals

Highly recommended by customers


"Several weeks ago I bought the Amazonas Gelsenspray because I had to go to Tanzania for a water project. (...) Super! Highly recommended for the region of Tanzania! Three bottles of the Amazonas Mückenspray provided excellent protection for 2 people for more than 3 weeks."

S. K.


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Amazon Mosquito Repellent

  • helps reliably agains Mosquitoes, Midges and Ticks
  • pleasant fragance
  • causes no skin irritations
  • can be used as prophylaxis against Borreliosis

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Application notes
The solution is sprayed liberally onto the skin, it works about 4 hours depending on the amount of the individual sweat secretion. Protection against ticks is effective on the areas of the skin which have been treated directly.

Not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers and children under the age of 6 years.
Ingredients: DEET, MGK264


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