Main name: Geotrupes stercorosus
Other names for this homeopathic remedy: Mistkäfer, Wald-, Wald-Mistkäfer

Waldmistkäfer: Information

group Tier, Käfer
family Geotrupidae
Lactose/Gluten Homeopathic globuli and dilutions from Remedia Homeopathy and Salvator Pharmacy are lactose-free and gluten-free
Ingredients Globuli from Remedia Homeopathy and Salvator Pharmacy consist of Saccharose, Dilutions from Remedia Homeopathy and Salvator Pharmacy consist of Ethanol and water

Waldmistkäfer: potencies in stock

CGlobuli (pills) 
HAB 2017
C from C3 Trit.Globuli (pills) 
Organon 6
LMGlobuli (pills) 
Dilution (liquid) 
HAB 2017
QGlobuli (pills) 
Dilution (liquid) 
Organon 6
Due to customs restrictions we cannot deliver remedies and Amazonas Mosquitospray to the USA. We are sorry and will try to improve this situation in the future.

Waldmistkäfer: identification data

Remedia-Nr. 3887 

Waldmistkäfer: all available potencies

At Remedia Homeopathy you can buy Waldmistkäfer in these potencies:


> Waldmistkäfer 1MK Globuli
> Waldmistkäfer 10MK Globuli

C from C3 Trit.:

> Waldmistkäfer 12C Globuli
> Waldmistkäfer 15C Globuli
> Waldmistkäfer 30C Globuli
> Waldmistkäfer 60C Globuli
> Waldmistkäfer 100C Globuli
> Waldmistkäfer 200C Globuli


> Waldmistkäfer LM2 Globuli Dilution
> Waldmistkäfer LM3 Globuli Dilution
> Waldmistkäfer LM4 Globuli Dilution
> Waldmistkäfer LM5 Globuli Dilution
> Waldmistkäfer LM6 Globuli Dilution
> Waldmistkäfer LM7 Globuli Dilution


> Waldmistkäfer Q1 Globuli Dilution

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