Remedy Kit - Reinhard Sellner
Remedy Kit - Reinhard Sellner Remedy Kit - Reinhard Sellner

Remedy Kit - Reinhard Sellner

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The remedies of these two sets should be used by Laymen only in cases of emergency - when your practitioner is not within reach. Homeopathic remedies do not show side effects in a poisonous manner, although they should not be taken in haphazardly. This particulary applies for this set, as they show considerable action in therapy as a result of painstaking manufacturing. Most notably sensitive patients can suffer from tiresome side effects, which can in part be difficult to clear.

Chronically ill patients, who are under the influence of a high potency (an indicated single dosage can often last for months), should not mix them with other homeopathic remedies. This may influence the healing process and might hinder the cure. Dangerous acute conditions (e.g. Arnica when injured) must of course be given during the application of a high potency; if possible after consultation.

Remedies with a deep lying action (e.g. Mercurius, Silicea, Calcium, Hepar sulfuris, Lachesis a.o.) should in no case be given. This applies to a lesser extent for one year old plants like Belladonna, Arnica and Camomile. In the case of Camomile please note, that it acts as an antidote for most other remedies.

The remedies which have not been described in more detail should not be looked up by laymen because this could make the choice of remedies more difficult for the homeopath to choose. The evaluation and ultimately the prescription of the remedy should be left to the practitioner.

Intake by acute illness: Five globuli should be left to melt under the tongue - do not swallow. Then you wait for the effect. Groundrule: acute symptoms must disappear quickly or get better within minutes or a few hours. In the case of Ilnesses which are not so acute (e.g. the flu which needs a few days to develop) you may have to wait for the effect a little longer. When the optimal remedy has been found in most cases it would be enough to cure for the dosage to be given only once.

When there is no improvement - the remedy has been incorrectly chosen - a practitioner has to be consulted. Should the illness not be totally cured as is sometimes the case when treating earache, a high temperature or teething, then the remedy can be dissolved in water. This can be done by placing 5 globuli in a plastic cup of tap- or mineralwater, stirring vigourosly appr. 30 times. You might save the solution for 24 hours. It is important to remember to stir the solution before every sip. One can do this whenever the symptoms reoccur, or a complete recovery has taken place. During this period of healing, the intake of every other remedy should be stopped or a
relapse may be induced. This medicinal solution should be renewed every 24 hours. When the solution is obsolete it should be poured into the WC.

Nota Bene:
Before the illness is cured it could happen that the symptoms are aggreviated which is allways a good sign. One can differentiate between a mild, short lived exacerbation which heralds that the healing process has been completed and the original illness lasts for a shorter time an peculiarly is not seen by the patient as a threatening situation.

In an acute situtation no exacerbation exists. Fundamentally a practitioner has to be consulted. In no case should a chronic illness be treated independently.

practical hints:
The remedies are absorbed through the mucus membrane. You should let them melt ideally under the tongue. Half an hour before and after intake you should be nil by mouth apart from water, don´t brush your teeth. This should not be seen so strictly in the case of acute situations.
Globuli taken out of the bottle should not be put back.
Homeopathic remedies lose their effectiveness once heated above body temperature. Keep out of reach of emittants of electromagnetic smog. No preparations containing Menthol or Campher are allowed as they can influence the cure negatively.


This remedy cannot be shipped to USA due to legal reasons.

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Remedy Kit - Reinhard Sellner
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Remedy Version A
26 rx
as PDF
Version B
46 rx
as PDF
Acidum arsenicosumC 30 C 30 
Aconitum napellusC 200, C 30 C 200, C 30 
Anamirta cocculus C 30 
Apis mellificaC 200 C 200 
Argentum nitricum C 30 
Arnica montanaC 200, 1M C 200, 1M 
Atropa bella-donnaC 30 C 30 
BryoniaC 30 C 30 
Calendula officinalisC 30 C 30 
Carbo vegetabilis C 200 
Caulophyllum thalictroides C 30 
Causticum Hahnemanni C 30 
Citrullus colocynthisC 30 C 30 
Conium maculatum C 30 
Delphinium staphisagria C 30 
Drosera C 30 
Eupatorium perfoliatumC 30 C 30 
Euspongia officinalisC 30 C 30 
Ferrum phosphoricumC 30 C 30 
Gelsemium sempervirensC 30 C 30 
Hepar sulfuris C 30 
Hypericum perforatumC 200 C 200 
Lachesis C 200 
Ledum palustreC 200 C 200 
Lycopodium clavatum C 30 
Lytta vesicatoria C 30 
Magnesium phosphoricum C 30 
Matricaria recutitaC 200 C 200 
Mercurius solubilis HahnemanniC 30 C 30 
Natrium sulfuricum C 30 
Opium C 200 
Phosphorus C 200 
Phytolacca americanaC 30 C 30 
Psychotria ipecacuanhaC 30 C 30 
Pulsatilla pratensisC 30 C 30 
Rhus toxicodendronC 30 C 30 
SmilaxC 30 C 30 
Solanum dulcamara C 30 
Strychnos ignatii C 200 
Strychnos nux-vomicaC 30 C 30 
Sulfur C 30 
Symphytum officinaleC 30 C 30 
Tuberculinum bovinum Nos. C 200 
Veratrum albumC 30 C 30 

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