Remedy kit by Tjado Galic

Remedy kit by Tjado Galic

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Remedy Kit - Tjado Galic

About 80% of all in homeopathic profession occurring emergencies, e.g. feverish sicknesses, acute states of pain, states of exhaustion and many more, which are treatable ambulant in diverse relations (pregnant women, infants, children, adults), can be treated adequately with the Tjado Galic´s 104-rx Kit.

The arrangement of drugs resulted of the necessity to efficiently care for patients with severe crisis during chronic therapy as well as acute illnesses, especially during the weekends, holidays and late hours, and has grown out over eight years of praxis.

Insofar the set originates in my personal experience and represents a subjective Selection.

The common Remedy-Kit for selftherapy to a greater degree contains only an unsatisfactory amount of remedies in too low potency which do not accomplish the requested demands in praxis.

The Selection of the C200 Dunham potencies as base remedies originates in the experience of the last year, because those potencies have been tested as highly efficient and highly specific drugs especially in acute situations. In those cases where there are no Dunham remedies, handpotentized 200CH after original prescript can be found.

Patients also can buy this set on recommendation through their treating homeopath. Selection and rescription of the remedies should always be processed by professional Homeopaths within supervision and therapy of their patients.

A more specific description of eventual domains of indication is not necessary, also because the homeopathic prescription always concentrates on individualizing the actual occurrence of illness and not on clinical diagnosis or common recipes.

Tjado Galic, Hannover 2005



This remedy cannot be shipped to USA due to legal reasons.

Remedy kit by Tjado Galic
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Remedy Version A
104 rx
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Acidum arsenicosum (Dunham)C3 200 
Acidum carbolicumC 200 
Acidum nitricum (Dunham)C3 200 
Acidum phosphoricum (Dunham)C3 200 
Acidum silicicum (Dunham)C3 200 
Aconitum (Dunham)C3 200 
Aethusa (Dunham)C3 200 
Agaricus (Dunham)C3 200 
Alumina (Dunham)C3 200 
Apis mellificaC 200 
Argentum nitricumC 200 
Arisaema triphyllumC 200 
Arnica montanaC 200 
Artemisia abrotanumC 200 
Artemisia cina (Dunham)C3 200 
Atropa bella-donna (Dunham)C3 200 
Aurum metallicum (Dunham)C3 200 
Barium carbonicum (Dunham)C3 200 
Bellis perennisC 200 
Berberis vulgarisC 200 
BromumC 200 
Bryonia alba (Dunham)C3 200 
BufoC 200 
Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni (Dunham)C3 200 
Calcium phosphoricumC 200 
CamphoraC 200 
Capsicum annuum (Dunham)C3 200 
Carbo vegetabilis (Dunham)C3 200 
Causticum Hahnemanni (Dunham)C3 200 
Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Dunham)C3 200 
Chamomilla recutica (Dunham)C3 200 
China pubescens (Dunham)C3 200 
ChlorumC 200 
Cicuta virosa (Dunham)C3 200 
Cimicifuga racemosaC 200 
Cocculus (Dunham)C3 200 
Coffea arabica (Dunham)C3 200 
Colocynthis (Dunham)C3 200 
Conium maculatum (Dunham)C3 200 
Cuprum metallicum (Dunham)C3 200 
Delphinium staphisagria (Dunham)C3 200 
Drosera (Dunham)C3 200 
Eupatorium perfoliatum (Dunham)C3 200 
Euspongia off. (Dunham)C3 200 
Ferrum phosphoricumC 200 
Gelsemium sempervirensC 200 
Helleborus (Dunham)C3 200 
Hepar sulfuris (Dunham)C3 200 
Hydrargyrum bichloratum (Dunham)C3 200 
Hyoscyamus niger (Dunham)C3 200 
Hypericum perforatumC 200 
JalapaC 200 
Kalium bichromicumC 200 
Kalium bromatumC 200 
Kalium carbonicum (Dunham)C3 200 
Kalium phosphoricumC 200 
Kalium stibyltartaricum (Dunham)C3 200 
Kalmia latifoliaC 200 
Kreosotum (Dunham)C3 200 
Lac caninum C 200 
Lachesis mutus (Dunham)C3 200 
Ledum palustre (Dunham)C3 200 
Lobelia inflata (Dunham)C3 200 
Lycopodium clavatum (Dunham)C3 200 
Lytta vesicatoria (Dunham)C3 200 
Magnesium carbonicum (Dunham)C3 200 
Magnesium phosphoricumC 200 
Mercurius cyanatusC 200 
Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni (Dunham)C3 200 
Moschus (Dunham)C3 200 
Myristica fragrans (Dunham)C3 200 
Natrium chloratum (Dunham)C3 200 
Natrium sulfuricumC 200 
Nerium oleander (Dunham)C3 200 
Nicotiana tabacum (Dunham)C3 200 
NitroglycerinumC 200 
OpiumC 200 
Phosphorus (Dunham)C3 200 
Phytolacca americanaC 200 
Podophyllum peltatumC 200 
Prunus laurocerasus (Dunham)C3 200 
Psorinum Nos. (Dunham)C3 200 
Pulsatilla pratensis (Dunham)C3 200 
PyrogeniumC 200 
Rhus toxicodendron (Dunham)C3 200 
Sambucus nigra (Dunham)C3 200 
Sanguinaria canadensis (Dunham)C3 200 
Selenicereus grandiflorusC 200 
Semecarpus anacardium (Dunham)C3 200 
Sepia (Dunham)C3 200 
Smilax (Dunham)C3 200 
Solanum dulcamara (Dunham)C3 200 
Spigelia anthelmia (Dunham)C3 200 
Stramonium (Dunham)C3 200 
Strychnos ignatii (Dunham)C3 200 
Strychnos nux vomica (Dunham)C3 200 
Sulfur (Dunham)C3 200 
TarantulaC 200 
Thuja occidentalis (Dunham)C3 200 
Trillium pendulumC 200 
Valeriana officinalis (Dunham)C3 200 
Veratrum album (Dunham)C3 200 
Veratrum virideC 200 
Zincum metallicumC 200 

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