Naja sumatrana

Other names for this homeopathic remedy: Äquatoriale Speikobra, black spitting cobra, Equatorial spitting cobra, golden spitting cobra, Malayan spitting cobra, Sumatra-Kobra, Sumatran spitting cobra

Naja sumatrana: Information

group Tier, Tierische Gifte, Schlange
family Elapidae - Giftnattern
Lactose/Gluten Homeopathic globuli and dilutions from Remedia Homeopathy and Salvator Pharmacy are lactose-free and gluten-free
Ingredients Globuli from Remedia Homeopathy and Salvator Pharmacy consist of Saccharose, Dilutions from Remedia Homeopathy and Salvator Pharmacy consist of Ethanol and water

This remedy cannot be shipped to USA due to legal reasons.

Naja sumatrana: potencies in stock

Bestseller potencies of Naja sumatrana

CGlobuli (pills) 

HAB 2017
LMDilution (liquid) 
HAB 2017

Naja sumatrana: identification data

Remedia-Nr. 13125 

Naja sumatrana: all available potencies

At Remedia Homeopathy you can buy Naja sumatrana in these potencies:


> Naja sumatrana 6C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 7C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 9C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 10C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 12C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 15C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 30C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 60C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 100C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 200C Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 1MK Globuli
> Naja sumatrana 10MK Globuli


> Naja sumatrana LM1 Dilution

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