Day 0 – Arrival in Boston

After a long night of saying good by to friends and family, we had to get up early today to be at the airport in Vienna so that we could reserve some halfway decent seats to accomodate our size (both of us are about 6´4“). The flight left Vienna at 9:30 for Boston via Amsterdam.

The first picture shows Robert in Amsterdam where he used every spare minute to prepare his website so that we could simply upload our travelogs. No matter how ingenious those small laptop thingies are, a grown man looks kind of silly balancing one of those on his knees while gingerly tapping on the keyboard with oversized fingers. Well, somehow Robert must have achieved his goal or else you wouldn´t be reading this.

Robert in Amsterdam.jpg

The flight to Boston lasted 8 long hours. After 4 hours I checked my watch and noticed that only 30 minutes had elapsed. That´s how subjective perception and reality can sometimes diverge... So much the more excited I was when we finally touched down at Boston Logan. It reminded me of my time as a student in Boston and conjured up fond memories. The weather was great with temps in the mid 70ies and puffy Cbs in the sky. We kind of regretted not being able to jump right into our gyros and go for quick ride.

 Well, here I am with all our belongings minding and guarding them arduously.

Chris in Boston.jpg 

After we picked up our rental car, we drove about 30 miles north to Methuen, where we checked into a motel. The motel was great, mostly because it was only a couple of miles from the Lawrence airport (KLWM). The next three pictures are driving impressions of Boston on our way from the airport to Methuen.

Sumner Tunnel.jpg

Tobin Bridge.jpg


The time difference of 6 hours finally hit us hard after a big meal of New England clam chowder, steak tips and several local beers. I was pissed at my watch, which stubbornly resisted changing to the local East Coast time. It´s one of those radio watches which synchronize automatically.


Tomorrow at 8:30 our gyros are supposed to arrive at the airport in a container. So the entire Saturday is devoted to unloading and assembling them. Maybe we get a chance for a quick check flight, who knows...