Camaridium squamatum

Main name: Maxillaria uncata
Other names for this homeopathic remedy: Camaridium uncatum, Christensonella uncata, Hook-shaped Maxillaria, Maxillaria macleei, Maxillaria nana, Maxillaria squamata, Maxillaria stenostele, Maxillaria striatella, Ornithidium nanum, Ornithidium squam, The Hook Shaped Maxillaria

group Pflanze, Scholten, Orchidee
family Orchidaceae
Lactose/Gluten Homeopathic globuli and dilutions from Remedia Homeopathy and Salvator Pharmacy are lactose-free and gluten-free
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This remedy cannot be shipped to USA due to legal reasons.

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Bestseller potencies

Potency range C

- Globuli (pills) 

HAB 2018

Potency range LM

- Dilution (liquid) 

HAB 2018

identification data

Remedia-Nr. 10757 

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At Remedia Homeopathy you can buy Camaridium squamatum in these potencies:


> Camaridium squamatum 12C Globuli
> Camaridium squamatum 15C Globuli
> Camaridium squamatum 30C Globuli
> Camaridium squamatum 60C Globuli
> Camaridium squamatum 100C Globuli
> Camaridium squamatum 200C Globuli


> Camaridium squamatum LM1 Dilution

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