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Healthy Milk – Healthy Animals

With Remastin from Remedia

Mastitis can strike any animal – cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, but also pets like dogs and cats.

With Remastin from Remedia you have got an effective homeopathic complex remedy against the painful inflammation of the lactiferous gland.

For farmers

Above all farmers appreciate the fact that the administration of Remastin neither has an adverse effect on the production of milk nor on the production of meat. There are no withdrawal times as is the case if conventional remedies are administered.


The proper dose of globules to be administered depends on the weight of the animal (see patient information leaflet attached). The globules can be dissolved in water or administered together with feed.

Side effects

There are no known side effects. Symptoms may get worse temporarily, yet only briefly.


Please do consult your vet if symptoms do not improve within 24h. In cases of severe mastitis a clinically proven therapy is advisable.

Moreover, during pregnancy and lactation Remastin should only be administered after consulting a vet.

Active ingredients:

Acidum silicicum C200, 1 mg

Aconitum napellus C1000, 1 mg

Apis mellifica C200, 1 mg

Atropa bella-donna C1000, 1 mg

Bryonia C200, 1 mg

Carbo vegetabilis C200, 1 mg

Lachesis C1000, 1 mg

Phytolacca americana C10000, 1 mg

Phosphorus C200, 1 mg

Sulfur C200, 1 mg


Inactive ingredients:


Packaging units:

10 g of globules in amber glass bottles with plastic screw top and globule dispenser


Remastin Patient Information Leaflet (PDF)



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