Amazon Expedition for Homeopathic Remedies 2012

Our team is finally complete
Because of the numerous responses from interested colleagues we’ve been able to put together a team of 4 persons, although the decision of whom to choose was difficult due to many motivated candidates. Now we found a homeopath with good experience in emergency/paramedic practice to take care of possible incidents with snakes, scorpions or electric eels.

Destinations of Homeopathic Remedies Expedition
We are headed to northeastern Peru, to the rainforest on the eastern slopes of the Andes, southwest of Iquitos. Here can be found the highest mammalian density in the Amazon. We hope to encounter jaguars, macaques, howler monkeys, amongst others in the area around Yarina Nueva.

Date of Homeopathic Remedies Expedition
The trip will begin early July 2012 and be for three weeks.

Inquirys on our trip please apply with the subject heading “Amazon 2012” to

We will be keeping everyone informed with updates on this website of our trip preparations as well as the unfolding of the expedition itself!  

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